Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steph -- 2/28/09 -- guys with clip board and marketing plans

As part of my "daily" (ahem) drawings, I want to make one political cartoon a week. Since Minimum Security became a character-based strip, I haven't really been expressing the editorial cartoon side of my brain. When I try to fit it into MS, it doesn't work that well or fit with the narrative. So I'll go back to my old single-panel style that I used for a while years ago.

Steph -- 2/28/09 -- Mrs. Johnson knitting in color

Here she is in a different pen, and in color.

Steph -- 2/28/09 -- Mrs. Johnson knitting in her house

First I tried drawing Mrs. Johnson, a character for a children's book, with a brush pen. The line looked too thick to me.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

January Summary

Nick drew on 5 of 31 days. He owes Stephanie $26!!!

Stephanie drew on 7 of 31 days. She owes Nick $24!!

I'm not counting multiple drawings in a single day, but days during which drawing of any quantity occurred.

We're not doing so well! Let's get back on track, favorite brother of mine!

By the way, I love the newest ones, the bird and the road with the fence. Very pretty!