Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steph -- 2/28/09 -- guys with clip board and marketing plans

As part of my "daily" (ahem) drawings, I want to make one political cartoon a week. Since Minimum Security became a character-based strip, I haven't really been expressing the editorial cartoon side of my brain. When I try to fit it into MS, it doesn't work that well or fit with the narrative. So I'll go back to my old single-panel style that I used for a while years ago.


  1. nice!

    one comment, though.
    the chimney and smoke on top of the guy's head on the right put some visual noise when i see it, stealing information or making me stop to realise what goes on, i think.

    loved the drawing and the idea, except for this detail.

    and btw, i did not know of this blog!
    i'm going to link this to mine.

  2. Thank you for your comment -- I totally agree about the smokestack. I thought of that but I was too lazy to change it. Now you've convinced me that it's necessary, and I will do so!

  3. put the link already.
    keep on blogging, guys!